Halting Neurodegeneration with

Disease Altering Therapeutics

Welcome to AcureX Therapeutics

Our mission is to halt and potentially reverse neurodegenerative diseases starting with Parkinson’s Disease. AcureX expects to have one or more late-preclinical therapeutic candidates for Parkinson’s in human trials within two years followed by other indications. 

Our approach and founding IP are based on recent discoveries made by our co-Founder at Stanford University. These discoveries include a biomarker that was predictive of Parkinson's in 105 out of 111 patients tested. We have an exclusive license to these key insights and are using them to speed drug development and de-risk clinical trials.  

AcureX is led by a team of veteran CNS drug developers and serial life sciences entrepreneurs

Supported by $4M from the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and private funding.